Poland the first country to appeal Facebook bans

Poland will be the first country in which internauts will be able to appeal to the government to revoke Facebook bans and post deletions. In an interview with “Gazeta Polska Codziennie” the deputy minister of digitization, Adam Andruszkiewicz explained how this agreement transpired.

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To appeal to a ban, a Facebook user will be able to do so through the Ministry of Digital Affairs website. The idea came after many users felt that they had been unjustly banned and had no way in which they could appeal to Facebook’s administration. 

Poland is the first country to allow a formal appeal over Facebook’s decisions

Bans on conservative content

Andruszkiewicz commented on whether this move by the Ministry is due to reports that Facebook is more likely to ban conservative content. “We have had many signals from those environments, but also from individuals, that such a situation has appeared. I believe this is not a purely political issue and would like to approach it in that manner,” he said.

Andruszkiewicz underlined how unique the situation is, because “Poland is the first country to allow a formal appeal over Facebook’s decisions, therefore, this is a huge success for the Ministry of Digital Affairs.”


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