Poland deports two refugees tied to terrorist activity

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Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW) has been taking action against foreigners with links to terrorist organizations in May, including the detention of a citizen of India and the extradition of two Russian Chechen refugees from Poland.

In the first case, the ABW reported that a Russian of Chechen descent was found to be in contact with terrorist organizations, among them the Islamic State and other people involved in the armed conflict in Syria, according to TVP Info.

The man is being stripped of his refugee status as a result of the ABW investigation.

Another Chechen who had applied for refugee status has been extradited in May for his contacts with terrorist organizations as well. He now has persona non grata status in the Schengen area following an ABW investigation. He was initially stopped by border guards and put into detention in eastern Poland.

A citizen of India was also detained on May 22 by border guards on the basis of information obtained by the ABW.

The ABW stated that he had been radicalized with a tendency for violent behavior and a willingness to engage in terrorist acts. He is currently located in a guarded camp awaiting extradition.

In May, anti-terrorist forces detained four Muslims from Tajikistan, and Polish authorities accused them of attempting to recruit terrorists among Muslims in Poland to carry out attacks. All four also faced deportation.

In April, Polish police arrested a Lebanese ISIS terrorist suspect who police said was also attempting to organize a network of supporters to conduct terrorist attacks across Europe.

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