Poles pay more debt on phone bills and electronic devices than rent

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Grażyna Zawadka

Poles are in serious debt over phone bills and electronic devices, with 390,000 Poles owing a collective €327 million to media providers, leading to an average debt of €818 per household.

This is almost equal to the average state salary per person in 2018, according to the Economic Information Bureau (KRD).

Polish consumers owe the most to telephone companies, with over 251,000 people identified with €177 million in unpaid phone bills.

Jakub Kostecki, the CEO of Kaczmarski Inkasso, explained that apart from overdue phone bills, contractual penalties and debts for electronic devices, which include phones, laptops, tablets, modems, consoles, and TVs purchased as part of contract packages, also contribute to the massive debt.

He pointed out that debtors often claim that they will not pay phone bills for a device they have already sold.

The second position in the ranking of debts is occupied by rent payments, which stands at €99 million, followed by debts for radio and television bills, which is €38 million.

Poles care more for their electric bills, perhaps due to fear of electricity being turned off, and the debt is only €8.6 million. Water, heating and internet payment debts are much lower, with sewage and waste being the lowest.


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