Poles spent more time on holiday this season

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The Polish Chamber of Tourism (PIT) estimates a 40 percent increase in sales of trips during the summer season.

Together with wakacje.pl, travelplanet.pl and fly.pl, PIT have prepared statistics for the 2018 holidays.

The numbers show that 80 percent of Poles chose week long vacations in travel agencies, 94.6 percent travelled by plane and 70 percent chose an all-inclusive option.

The average price of reservations was PLN 5,709 up from last year’s figure of PLN 5,962. The price of trips dropped from PLN 2,355 to PLN 2,175.

28.9 percent of tourists bought their holidays at least three months in advance (22.7 percent last year). 34 percent chose to buy them last minute, 10 days before their departures (36 percent last year).

PIT also states that 1.24 million people used offers for children and youths, an 8 percent increase compared to last year.

“Unfortunately, over 25 percent of Poles travelled as companies which are not written into the organizers’ register. Therefore, they were unable to be accounted for in the statistics,” explains Andrzej Kindler, deputy chairman of PIT.

There were eight large companies who gave their services to over 5,000 people. The largest number of companies were micro companies (3,000) which organized trips for up to 100 children.

1.34 trillion USD was the global international tourism revenue in 2017. This is the best result since 2010. This sector of economy is responsible for 10 percent of GDP, 7 percent of export and 10 percent of workplaces.

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