Polish national brand is worth US$650 billion

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The national brand with the highest net worth was the United States (US$26 tn.), putting it ahead of China’s US$12.8 tn. and Germany’s US$5.1 tn. The other Visegrad countries found themselves respectively at: Czech Republic 35th, Hungary 54th and Slovakia 55th in the world.

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Konrad Jagodziński of Brand Finance explained that Poland had seen a 14 percent increase in it the value of its national brand – compared to an average 12 percent increase across all countries.

Jagodziński underlined that a brand’s worth comes down to macroeconomic factors and economy size, not current politics or promotional activities. Only an analysis of a brand’s strength (BSI) allows to evaluate a brand’s strength, as well as its potential on the international arena.

The BSI index is based on data concerning society, such as living standards, services, investments and the market trade of goods in a country.

In this category, Poland has advanced from 54th to the 51st position (19th in the EU) although the strength of Poland’s brand has dropped from 65.7 to 65 compared to last year. The strongest brands are those of Singapore, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and the USA.

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