Polish newspaper self-censors after publishing article criticizing LGBT movement

Leading liberal Polish newspaper removes article criticizing Bart Staszewski for putting up fake “LGBT-free zone” signs after backlash from the LGBT activist himself

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Grzegorz Adamczyk

One of Poland’s leading liberal newspapers removed its own article which strongly criticized LGBT activist Bart Staszewski for his misinformation operation that led foreign media outlets and politicians to believe there were actual “LGBT-free zones” in Poland.

These zones do not in fact exist. Staszewski put up his own “LGBT-free zone” signs in certain Polish municipalities in a campaign that has helped smear Poland’s image internationally. 

The newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza, has since removed the article written by Piotr Głuchowski from the paper’s website at Wyborcza.pl, which now only displays a “page not found” error.

Recently, Gazeta Wyborcza had conducted a huge promotion campaign in which it put up billboards around Poland with the slogan “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”. Now, it appears that an LGBT activist dictates what the paper can and cannot publish.

“This is not only pathetic, but also cowardly. Paralyzed by fear, the paper’s editorial board censors itself to not appear as not politically correct,” writes Facebook user Nagroda Złotego

Staszewski was initially outraged by the article’s publishing and threatened a lawsuit through social media.

“A disgusting, manipulative text written by Gazeta Wyborcza. I am seeing my lawyers today. This is joining the right-wing attack against activists,” he wrote.

After the article was removed, Staszewski expressed joy on his Twitter account.

“Gazeta Wyborcza removed its article. Well done, only the stench of the right remains. Maybe a proper analysis should go in its place?”

According to unofficial information, other Gazeta Wyborcza employees were told to not comment on the removal of the article.


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