Polish sporting rifles and guns are a slam hit on the US market

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The .223 S Beryl M1 rifle produced by Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” (Arms Factory ‘Archer’) in the Polish city of Radom has recently appeared in the catalogs of Arms of America and Atlantic Firearms. The whole supply of rifles, which was designed for the American market in particular, sold out in mere minutes. Previously, the MiniBeryl pistol and Beryl S 762 M1 models also sold out with the same enthusiasm.

Currently, the US is experiencing a record surge of firearm purchases, which began during the Black Lives Matter riots that occurred last year, and have further grown amidst fears of gun control legislation from the Biden administration. 

The newest .223 S Beryl M1 model is a sporting center-fire semiautomatic-only rifle for single fire. It is powered by one of the most popular intermediate ammunition in the US of a 5.56×44 mm/.223 Remington caliber.

The weapons have also been adjusted in several aspects to be permitted for sale in the United States. The rifle is produced with adherence to the highest quality standards, the same that are used in the models produced for the military.

“The US market is very prospective for the Radom’s “Łucznik”. Our sport versions of guns and rifles from the Beryl family have found recognition in the US and are selling out immediately. We are convinced that the newest model, powered by the most popular ammunition in the US, will open the door wide for us on this market and will be the showcase of our brand,” said Seweryn Figurski, the trade director of Łucznik.

The .223 S Beryl M1 is the third product being distributed in the US from Łucznik. The Beryl series has been perfected by the Polish company for the last 25 years, following the decision to standardize calibers in NATO armies. Six models are currently part of the Beryl sports rifle series, and due to high interest and demand of American customers, Łucznik is now preparing additional shipments of their products to the US market.

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