A pop-culture feast in Warsaw

Warsaw hosts the 4th Comic Con. The American phenomenon gives thousands of convention goers the possibility of meeting the creators of their favorite movies and tv-shows, as well as actors, authors and celebrities.

editor: REMIX NEWS
via: wp.pl

Conventions have been a hit in Poland. They are no longer just an opportunity to meet fellow fans, but also a way of interacting with the stars of their favorite tv-shows and authors of bestselling novels.

Among the most famous guests this year were Andrew Scott (Moriarty from BBC’s “Sherlock”), Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore from “The Vampire Diaries”), Crystal Reed (Allison Argent from “Teen Wolf”), John Rhys Davies (Sallah from “Indiana Jones” and Gimli from “The Lord of the Rings), Clive Staden (Rollo from “Vikings”) and Jimmy Vee, the legendary Star Wars R2-D2:


Comic Con is not just about actors, however. Among invited authors were household Polish names such as Andrzej Pilipiuk, Michał Gołkowski and Rafał Dębski.

The convention was also host to several e-sport events as well as panels dedicated to gaming releases. Attendees had the opportunity to admire famous cosplayers such as Margaret Cosplay&Art, Carlos Blanchard and Dan Ballestro. 


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