President Duda to farmers: “Thanks to you, we did not run out of food during the pandemic”

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Duda took part in the Polish harvest festival at Jasna Góra sanctuary in Częstochowa.

The president thanked the gathered farmers for their work during the pandemic, emphasizing that owing to that hard work, especially during spring, Poland’s food security was ensured.

He reminded those present that as President, he stands in defense of the state’s security, and food security is one of the most important sectors in the country.

“We all remember that short moment at the beginning of the pandemic, when empty shopping aisles were shown on television during the first few days because people were afraid they would have to stockpile supplies in their homes,” he said.

The president added that many among Poland’s older generations still remember the 1980s when shops were empty, and the start of the pandemic was reminiscent of this time.

Duda reiterated that Polish farmers proved that “those bad times will never come again and are not present today. Those shops were quickly resupplied with food, and there were no shortages. We have enough for our own needs, and also those of others.”

Andrzej Duda underlined that due to the hard work of its farmers, Poland is a huge exporter of food in the 21st century, and its GDP heavily relies on this export.

The president thanked the farmers in the name of every Pole for “beautifully supporting Poland’s development. God bless you.”

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