Remix editor on V4 and the Polish-Hungarian friendship

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We are an English-language news aggregator portal for all those who wish to have first-hand information about the region’s domestic and international policies, Remix’s contributing editor in Warsaw told Pesti Srácok in an interview.

Adamczyk said the editorial team consists of seasoned, multi-lingual journalists from the Central European region with up-to-date and in depth knowledge about the region and with a focus on the Visegrád Group of countries. The portal promotes the idea of a strong Europe built on a foundation of strong nation-states. The voices of this region have something serious to say about today’s Europe and its future, he said. It’s an alternative narrative, different than the one we hear from Brussels, Berlin and Paris. This narrative, this Europe is shaped and led by the heirs to 1989. The roblem is that these voices are never heard in mainstream, English-language media. The Remix mission is to change that.

The Visegrád Four is a strong regional grouping that can form the nucleus of wider regional cooperation such as the 12-country Three Seas Initiative. The economic cooperation between the region’s countries also opens up possibilitiies for major infrastructure development.

Adamczyk also believes that following next year’s EU elections and the Brexit negotiations, the member states of the European Union should start a negotiating process to form a new European Union based on new principles reflecting the needs of the people and respecting their rights, a European Union as a Europe of nations. 

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