Sex worker would ban Arabs from brothels because they are ‘aggressive,’ says Germans are her best customers

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By John Cody
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A sex worker who migrated from Romania to work in Germany says the first thing she would do if she were the boss of her brothel is to ban Arabs, saying they are “aggressive,” according to an interview from left-leaning Der Freitag newspaper.

In the interview, the journalist asks the woman, “What would you change if you were the boss of the club?” The woman, who is anonymous to protect her identity, responds, “Wow, a lot. Firstly, I would no longer let the Arab men in. They are aggressive. Second, I would raise prices (for customers).”

She also says that Germans are her favorite customers, saying “They treat us with respect. That makes my work easier.”

The interviewer appears to take umbrage with this statement and says, “But don’t you really despise them? Be honest.”

She responds: “I despise them when they put their wives down, when they say, ‘My wife totally sucks in bed,’ because they want me to feel special.”

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Overall, she says she feels safe in her working environment but finds nothing she likes about her job. She also notes that she has a boyfriend who lives back home in Romania, but she sends nothing home to him, as he earns his own money.

Despite her desire to ban all Arabs, she complains that she faces discrimination in the job market because she is a dark-skinned Roma.

When asked about getting a “normal” job, she says it is not possible: “First of all, you have to speak German well, otherwise they won’t take you. Second, because I’m brown, they wouldn’t take me anyway,” she claims, despite numerous retailers hiring brown-skinned employees across Germany.

When the interviewer expresses skepticism, she says: “Come with me to Rossmann (drug store), you’ll see it there. I was there the other day, and the security guy was standing right behind me while I was trying on perfume. With the tester! I got nervous and asked him, ‘What are you doing?’ He said, ‘My job.’ I said, ‘No, your job is not to have my back.’ I have never stolen in Germany. I pay taxes.”

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However, she also says she is from a Roma family but one without strict rules. “We don’t get married young. We live like normal Romanians. But because we have a slightly brown skin color, we are “gypsy.”

When the interviewer asks her why she does not take social assistance back home and not be a sex worker in Germany, she also says that in her home country, social assistance is available, but complains that Ukrainian refugees get to go to the front of the line.

“Yes, there is. But you have to wait years if you want an apartment. However, not if you are a Ukrainian refugee. It’s also bad if you get sick. Even if you have health insurance, you can’t expect the doctor to even look at you unless you give him ‘extra.'” she said.

The interview offers interesting insights into sex work in Germany, which is legal, but which has been a controversial topic in recent years.

Is Germany’s legal prostitution policy keeping crime rates down?

Legal prostitution in Europe has been shown in studies to reduce rape rates compared to those countries that do not legalize prostitution. The argument is that the young men most likely to partake in rape can gain sexual release in a legal manner through a pool of prostitutes. An influx of primarily young men from Africa and the Middle East has already shown in European crime statistics to be highly overrepresented in terms of rape, gang rape, and sexual assault compared to other populations. As a result, in countries like Germany, legal prostitution may actually be keeping the crime rate for sexual crimes from being even higher than it currently is.

As Germany moves towards giving migrants benefit cards instead of just cash, one of the unforeseen consequences could be a reduction in these migrants’ ability to pay for sex with German taxpayer money. Although taxpayers may cheer the news, at least some of these migrants may turn towards seeking sex through violent and illegal means.

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