Seven years since the death of President Havel

The Czechs commemorate the seventh anniversary of the death of Václav Havel. Many politicians paid their respects to the former Czechoslovak and Czech President, Senate chief Jaroslav Kubera and the US Ambassador Steve King among others.

editor: REMIX NEWS

In remembrance of the late president Havel, people across the country have been lighting candles and reading from his works. A group of Havel’s followers carried a large hand-crafted heart to Prague Castle.

The President of Senate Kubera laid flowers on Havel’s grave and the US Embassy posted on its official Twitter account a picture of H.E. King with a huge heart and a text reminding that Havel was the first leader from behind the Iron curtain to hold a speech in front of the Congress in 1990.

A number of Havel’s colleagues and public figures recollected their memories of him. Former Foreign Minister and a chancellor of President Havel Karel Schwarzenberg vowed for saying the truth and not to get easily scared.

Many people also gathered at Hrádeček in Eastern part of Bohemia, where Havel passed away at the age of 75.


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