Spain: Illegal migrant from Morocco destroys car of a woman who refused to give him money (VIDEO)

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A video clip of an illegal migrant from Moroccan trashing the car of a Spanish woman who had previously refused to give him money has emerged and is currently circulating on social networks. Rubén Pulido, the spokesman for Spain’s right-wing populist party Vox, uploaded the shocking footage to social media where it’s been shared thousands of times. “A few minutes ago, in Aguadulce (Almería). Cultural enrichment due to the refusal, by the vehicle owner, to give a tip for the ‘parking service,’” Pulido wrote on social media. The incident, which was recorded by the owner of the vehicle, took place earlier this month in the coastal town of Aguadulce, in the province of Almería, and saw the illegal migrant from Moroccan destroy the woman’s car after she refused to pay him money, Spanish news portal OK Dario reports . In the video, the irate Moroccan man can be seen belligerently and repeatedly kicking the woman’s car on all sides, denting its body and knocking off both of its side mirrors.

After losing interest in the first vehicle, the culprit then starts hitting the windows of another vehicle parked nearby, before he aggressively confronts the woman filming and assaults her. Although the Guardia Civil managed to track down and arrest the perpetrator two days after the incident took place, the illegal migrant was released from the jail’s custody hours after the arrest, according to reports. For some time, both the Guardia Civil and the National Police have warned the country’s ruling leftist coalition government of an “avalanche” of illegal migrants flooding the region. After the Canary Islands, Almería, which sits along Spain’s southeast Mediterranean coast, is the region which has been most affected by the consistent flow of illegal migration. Earlier this month, in the same week that the Moroccan migrant destroyed the woman’s vehicle, 33 sub-Saharan Africans successfully landed on Alborán, a tiny island which lies just off of the coast of Almería. Authorities promptly transferred the group to Spain’s mainland, despite the fact that its migrant facilities have become overwhelmed due to the massive numbers of illegal migrants who’ve arrived recently by way of the Canary Islands. The temporary reception center for migrants at the port of Almería (CATE), originally designed to accommodate 230 people, has welcomed a total of 3,520 immigrants from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to Oct. 20.

According to the Spanish Interior Ministry, the month of November saw a total of 8,157 illegal boat migrants arrive on the Canary Islands — an archipelago situated off the coast of northwestern Africa — in what is likely to have been an all-time monthly record. So far this year, approximately 20,000 migrants have landed on the Spanish island chain, roughly ten times higher the number seen in 2019 The last time the Atlantic archipelago saw this many migrant arrivals was in 2006 when 30,000 illegal boat migrants successfully made their way to the island chain.

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