Spanish conservative professor suspended on Twitter for stating: “Men cannot get pregnant”

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On Tuesday, Twitter issued a 12-hour suspension against the account of a professor of philosophy and law and a deputy of the conservative Spanish Vox party, Francisco Jose Contreras, on grounds of “incitement to hatred.” Contreras had affirmed a simple biological fact, that “a man cannot get pregnant. A man does not have a uterus or ovaries.”

According to Twitter’s justification of the suspension, “it is not permissible to threaten other people, persecute them or encourage violence based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability or illness.”

Francisco Contreras is not only a professor at the University of Seville and the author of several books, he is also one of the most prominent intellectuals within the Spanish parliament. In August, on the anniversary of the establishment of Poland’s Solidarity Movement in 1980, he published his memoir and some reflections on Polish portal Now, Twitter not only suspended his account but also forced him to remove his entry due to being supposedly hateful.

There were no threats or hatred in his comment, but in Spain, colonized by the Left, social media censorship is drastic. It is well-known in Spain that two fact-checking services are operating within the country – Newtral and Since 2017, they have been a part of the International Fact-Checking Network, which cooperates with Facebook and WhatsApp’s owners to “avoid spreading fake news.”

Twitter, meanwhile, has its own controllers who very eagerly suspend the accounts of conservatives. An example of this was during Vox’s election campaign in Catalonia when their account was banned for two weeks.

At the same time, with what censorship Spaniards face on a daily basis, the delirium of the Polish opposition and some journalists about the lack of freedom of the press under the current regime seems to be an aberration.

A pregnant man?

Professor Contreras’s tweet referred to the case of the allegedly first pregnant man in Spain’s history. In reality, this is about the first transgender person: Ruben Castro (27 years old, 40 weeks pregnant), who prior to undertaking gender reassignment surgery decided to freeze his eggs because “he always knew that he wanted to be a father.” The transgender person did not decide to have a mastectomy because he wanted to breastfeed naturally (as stated above, because “he always wanted to be a father”).

This is all difficult to comprehend, but as Mr. Castro himself said, “after giving birth to the child, I have to legally register as a father because I changed legal documentation.”

A report for Spanish Antena 3 explained that “Ruben is not the first person in this situation in Spain because (…) he knows about a few other cases, but he was the most prominent one. He is already recording a documentary about transgender fatherhood in which he describes the whole process.”

Whoever doubts that “a man can be pregnant” should immediately block such allegedly hateful and transphobic thinking before the Spanish thought-crime police catches them.

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