Speaker of the House: Taking in every refugee is absurd

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The demand itself of taking in every migrant simply because they would live a better life in Europe is an absurdity, Speaker of the House László Kövér said at a conference in Balatonszárszó, on the southern shore of Lake Balaton. 

Kövér said at the conference that as in the past, Hungary will continue to shelter persecuted refugees and those in real need of help,

“Both the Hungarian government and Hungarian people refuse automatic acceptance and this behavior does not go against Christian ethics”

Kövér said the international community, Europe and the European Union all have their share of responsibility in handling and solving problems occurring in other parts of the world that are also to some extent the source of migration, but that these issues should not be solved at a national level, but rather within an international framework and international forums.


From left to right: Gergely Gulyás, minister in charge of the prime minister’s office, Speaker of the House László Kövér and István Bogárdi Szabó, head of the Synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church. (image: MTI)

He said international agencies should not force individual states to accept mass migration, but rather devise international programs to improve living conditions at the sources of migration.

Kövér said that while this may not be obvious, the real conflict isn’t between Islam and Christianity, but between those without roots who also want everyone else to renounce their roots and those who have a religious conviction and faith which they are willing to defend.

While Hungary continues to uphold the freedom of conscience, this should not mean that the state remains idle when “a culture of a thousand years is being dissolved into nothingness and some kind of multiculturalism”.

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