Survey: Majority of Poles are afraid of coronavirus infection

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A new survey from CBOS asked Polish respondents about their fears of being infected by the virus and how they would evaluate the government’s response. 

The survey showed that 63 percent of respondents claimed that they were afraid of infection, a three-percentage point increase compared to August anod another 36 percent of Poles declared that they did not fear being infected, a three-percentage point decrease compared to August.

CBOS, which conducted the survey during September and October — a period in which infection rates were rapidly increasing in Poland — points out that fears of infection rise with age. Only 31 percent of people aged up to 25 were afraid, whereas 80 percent of people aged at least 49 were worried.

Fear of the virus is also associated with level of education and activity on the job market. People with basic education and the unemployed were the most afraid.

Eighty-five percent of retired people and 80 percent of pensioners were worried about being infected. Women were also more afraid of being infected than men.