Sweden: Clinic in Gothenburg experiences second explosion in a month

Two people were injured during the incident

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author: John Cody

An explosive device detonated inside a care clinic in Gothenburg of Wednesday last week, the Göteborg-Posten reported. Two people were injured during the incident.

According to Sahlgrenska Hospital’s press office, a woman in her 40s was slightly injured while a woman in her 80s suffered severe shrapnel injuries in the explosion inside the care clinic on Första Långgatan, a street in Sweden.

“The bomb protection police department has an opinion, but there is no information we can release at this stage of the investigation,” said Peter Adlersson, police spokesman in the region.

The explosive device must have been more powerful than any sort of firework.

No person has been arrested in connection with the explosion, which is classified as attempted murder, public destruction, and illegal possession and usage of an explosive device. 

Masked man suspected

The most publically available clue in the investigation is surveillance footage of a partially masked man who was filmed walking towards the clinic. 

Shortly afterward, something detonated inside one of the toilets. The suspected perpetrator then left the house and onto Första Långgatan street.

“I have no information about that. The Criminal Investigation Department is working hard on the case,“ answered Adlersson when asked if the person was identified.

Just about three weeks ago, there was a powerful explosion outside the entrance to the house where the care clinic is located. No one was injured, but the material destruction was severe.

One of the investigators’ theories is that there might be a link to people connected to the reception area inside the clinic.

“Given that two similar incidents have taken place at the same place in a short time, it cannot be ruled out,” said Christer Fuxborg, also a spokesperson at the police.

According to court documents that GP was informed of, a relative of one of the employees at the reception area has recently faced death threats.

A young man was allegedly demanded just over half a million Swedish kronas (€49,575) after a tangled investment deal gone wrong and an issue over debt.

Allegedly, several parties involved have negotiated a solution to the dispute right inside the reception.

“It is far too early to say whether this could be a motive,“ said Christer Fuxborg after the explosion.

The explosion could be heard from some distance and triggered an extensive operation of rescue services, ambulance, and the police. The national bomb squad cordoned off the area and searched the premises to make sure there were no more objects that could explode, and public transport in the area was stopped.

Employees were shocked, students were sent home

In the same building as the detonation occurred is the Framtidsgymnasiet school. According to Paula Hammerskog, security director at the school, the premises were evacuated.

“It can be difficult to arrange something remotely, and I think many are a little too upset. It can be difficult to get people to concentrate, so the students are sent home and we will continue to update them,” Hammarskog explained.

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