The EU is pro-war and wants Ukraine conflict to continue, says Hungarian state secretary

Tamás Menczer, state secretary responsible for bilateral relations of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, says Hungary's bids for a cease-fire have been rejected in Brussels.
By John Cody
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The European Union has no interest in a ceasefire because they want the war in Ukraine to continue, said Tamás Menczer, state secretary responsible for bilateral relations of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, during an appearance on Kossuth Radio on Wednesday.

“They have made it clear that the ceasefire is a red line, they will not accept it because the war must continue,” said Menczer during the program.

The state secretary said that Hungary was calling for an immediate ceasefire and the start of peace negotiations to be included in the EU documents being prepared for the one-year anniversary of the war, but Brussels rejected this. The state secretary emphasized that the Hungarian position is that the war must be stopped immediately.

In recent months, the rhetoric has shifted among European powers from a cautious approach to claims that Russia must lose and Ukraine must win.

“Ukraine can count on France, its European partners, and its allies to win the war. Russia cannot and must not win.” French President Emmanuel Macron said earlier this month.

Now, Western powers are increasingly willing to send advanced weapons, such as Western-made main battle tanks, and now, even fighters jets for Ukraine are being considered.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has made the issue of peace in neighboring Ukraine one of his top priorities, but has warned that Europe appears determined to embroil itself deeper in the conflict, saying:

Europe is at the precipice of drifting into war. It is balancing on a thin plank. In fact, they are already at indirect war with Russia. If you supply weapons, if you provide the satellite information needed for military action, if you train the soldiers of one of the belligerents, if you finance the entire apparatus of the state and impose sanctions on the other side, then it does not matter what you say. You are at war indirectly for the time being. The danger of entrapment is constant. It started with helmets and continued with the transport of equipment capable of taking human life.

Orbán has also said that Hungary once had European allies in the peace camp, such as Germany, but that these nations have all shifted to the war camp, with the exception of the Vatican, saying, “And the other countries thought that if the Germans couldn’t resist such external pressure, how could they? So they slid from the peace camp to the war camp. So, we were left with two: Hungary and the Vatican. We can’t complain about the company, but there are serious consequences.”

lefUkrainian soldiers pay their last respect to their comrade Yuri Prykhodko, who was killed in Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region, at a city cemetery in Kyiv, Ukraine, Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2022. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

Menczer also said that the purpose of the EU sanctions is to push Russian gas and oil out of Europe, so that less and more expensive energy carriers arrive on the continent. However, Hungary has rejected this approach and has done everything to ensure the country’s energy supplies are secured for the future.

“So, we are saying that the sanctions are bad, ineffective, and that the sanctions policy has failed,” said Menczer.I

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