Hypocrisy was the biggest winner at this year’s Academy Awards: opinion

The 2020 Oscars were used by Hollywood stars to promote their self-righteousness and liberal agenda

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Edward Kabiesz
via: gosc.pl

Jan Komasa’s film “Corpus Christi” did not win an Oscar, but the nomination itself was a huge distinction for the young Polish director. The greatest loser, however, was Sam Mendes’s film, with only three Oscars for “1917” in lesser categories serving as nothing more than a consolation prize for that fantastic production.

This is not a surprise, as films which in some ways touch the human spirit do not have a chance in the eyes of today’s jury. It is hard to say how “Parasite” enchanted them and earned three of the Academy’s most important awards.

The awards themselves aside; this year’s ceremony was a show of hypocrisy and self-righteousness from movie stars. They bombarded the audience with their “deep thoughts” and liberal agenda without even a modicum of self-reflection.


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