Those who back mass migration are supporting terrorism, claims Hungary’s PM Orbán

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán speaks with the media as he arrives for an EU summit at the European Council building in Brussels, Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)
By Dénes Albert
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Politicians in favor of unfettered mass immigration into the European Union are inadvertently supporting terrorism, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said upon his arrival at the two-day European Council summit in Brussels on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters, Orbán expressed his hope that Brussels would recognize the obvious link between terrorist acts in Europe and migration, and introduce new measures to address the growing security crisis.

“I very much hope that more and more people here in Brussels will see that there is a very clear link between terrorist acts and migration,” Orbán said.

“Those who support migration also support terrorism. We are against terrorism, and therefore we do not support migration,” he added.

The Hungarian leader denounced current EU plans to amend the bloc’s multi-annual financial framework in order to collect more money from member states to give to the EU’s migration admission policy and to Ukraine.

He said that Hungary’s position is clear: It does not want to give money to migrants, and it does not want to give money to Ukraine, except on the basis of a very thorough proposal.

“Giving more money will not work, we will reject it,” he said, adding that the current proposals lack serious technical and political arguments.

In response to a question on the war in Ukraine, the prime minister said that Hungary has a peace plan and intends to keep all channels of communication open with Russia in the hope of its acceptance.

“Hungary is the only country that stands for peace in the interests of all Europeans,” he said, adding that his administration has a transparent and very clear peace strategy and wants to do its utmost to achieve peace — an integral part of that plan is to retain communication channels with Moscow, otherwise there is no chance of peace.

Asked about the ongoing conflict between Hamas-led Gaza and Israel, Orbán reaffirmed Hungary’s support for Israel.

“Hungary stands up for Israel’s right to defend itself and to ensure that a terrorist attack like the one on Oct. 7 by the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas against the State of Israel never happens again,” he said, reiterating the need to ensure humanitarian aid reaches the affected region.

Both the Hungarian and the European position is that if either Israel or Egypt becomes unstable, there could be an immediate wave of migration from the region to Europe. In order to avoid this, these countries must be stabilized, as stability in the region is in the interest of Europeans, the prime minister underlined.

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