Top 10 Remix News videos of 2022

By John Cody
5 Min Read

Remix News has been working hard to create short and social-media-friendly video content for Facebook, Youtube, Rumble, Instagram, and Telegram in 2022. While our videos have covered everything from the war in Ukraine to the midterm elections in the United States, these are the 10 that stood out this year and seemed to resonate the most with our audience.

The Irish revolt against government refugee push

This video, which racked up 1.2 million views on Facebook, shows Irish citizens confronting migrants as their country deals with a spiraling housing and homelessness crisis, leaving many Irish people to feel their government is putting foreign citizens first.

Orbán’s warning to Hungarian troops: War to the east, mass migration to the south

Orbán’s speech to a new batch of Hungarian soldiers lays out the grave challenges facing Hungary from all directions.

Who blew up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline?

One of our most popular videos, the question of who blew up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline remains an open one. Despite claims that Russia was behind the attack, the country had little motive to take part in sabotaging its own pipeline. President Joe Biden’s comments before the attack also raise serious questions about a potential role from the U.S., but up until now, there is no clear evidence as to who might have been behind it.

EU threatens Italy on eve of elections

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s threat against Italy on the eve of national elections made headlines across the world, with Remix News one of the first outlets to break the story. Our video showcased the specific comments in question, with nearly 450,000 people viewing von der Leyen’s threat to use “tools” if Italians vote the wrong way.

Brits boo Conservative MP over migrants being moved into hotels

Many Brits are increasingly enraged with the thousands of illegal migrants being housed in luxury hotels across the country, but even more infuriating is that some Conservative MPs are actually defending this program, saying it is illegal to send anyone back. The latest data shows taxpayers are spending €7.1 million every day to house migrants in 410 hotels across the country. Our video on the topic racked up over 350,000 views.

EU remembers fallen heroes of 1956 Hungarian Uprising

Our video of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech on the 1956 Hungarian Uprising against the Soviet Union may have only earned 80,000 views, but it showcased an event that has proven critical to Hungarian history and Hungary’s understanding of itself as a nation.

Billions going to Ukraine have major strings attached

The war in Ukraine is costing the West billions, but who will profit? As one Irish MEP notes in a speech in the European Parliament, Ukrainians and Western taxpayers will most likely get the short end of the stick.

Austrian town revolts against migrants

Like many Europeans, Austrians are increasingly wary of mass immigration, which is radically changing their lives and communities.

40,000 Dutch farmers are protesting

Although Remix News has stopped posting on TikTok due to a looming ban threat, our videos performed amazingly well on the platform, such as the one covering the Dutch farmer protests that received 645,000 views.

@remix_news_official 40,000 Dutch farmers are protesting #netherlands #farmer #protest #dutch #news #emission #people #police #arrested #teargas ♬ Fear, tension, tension, music accompanying the play(979510) – Rainy

Trump warns on Russian gas

Likewise, our video on Donald Trump warning Europe about relying on Russian gas was also a hit, receiving 4.1 million views.

@remix_news_official Trump’s warning about energy independence was a joke to the German delegation in 2018 #donaldtrump #germany #russia #energy #gas #poland #2018 ♬ Dark Synthwave – Mokka_Music

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