VIDEO: Young Czech thief remembers to wear a face mask to protect against coronavirus

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An 18-year-old thief took advantage of the state of emergency and robbed various places in the Moravian city of Ostrava all while wearing a face mask.

After police detained the young man, he subsequently confessed to eight offenses, for which he faces up to eight years in prison.

Among his crimes, the man broke into a grocery store, family home, tobacco shop, several cellars, and tried to get into a hairdresser’s shop.

Using a set of burglary tools, he usually got into the buildings through doors and windows and then took whatever he could.

During one of the burglaries in a tobacco shop, a local security camera recorded the thief at work. The footage showed the young man jumping through the top window into the shop and begin stealing what he could.

As the footage shows, even during the crime, he complied with government regulations and had his mouth and nose covered with a face mask.

During a series of burglaries, the man caused damage worth almost 150,000 korunas (€5,530).

He stole cash, cigarettes, tools, but also six wooden chairs in Renaissance style worth 50,000 korunas (€1,840), which he hid in his mother’s apartment. The police already returned the chairs to their legitimate owner.

During a police interrogation, the young man confessed to all burglaries immediately.

However, he committed the acts during a state of emergency, which means the penalties are stricter than usual. Thus, he faces up to eight years in prison.

The fact that the thief was already on a suspended sentence for property crime as a minor will not help his case either.

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