Was Maria Theresa the greatest Slovak?

Who will be named as the greatest Slovak? Slovak Radio and Television (RTVS) is running a project to select candidates, Maria Theresa or even Jozef Tiso could end up the winner.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Maria Theresa, the enlightened empress did a lot for the development of the Habsburg monarchy and Pressburg, the city she visited very frequently. Still, her case is fundamentally different from the winner in the Czech Republic, Charles IV, the Holy Roman Emperor, who is personally responsible for uplifting Prague but also spoke Czech fluently.

On the other hand, Jozef Tiso knew the Slovak language. But here ends the list of arguments, why should the politician with Nazi Germany be considered as the greatest Slovak?

The project managers claim they want to create discussion about controversies. But if they want the highest ratings, why wasn’t Irena Čubírková chosen under the slogan “serial killer or victim of the judicial system”?

RTVS is not a commercial channel. As such, it should have the highest ambitions: not just to entertain but also introduce popular and unjustly forgotten personalities who contributed to cultural and economical development of Slovakia. They should find hundreds of them and similar projects shouldn’t rely on personalities who were not Slovaks or committed war crimes.


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