‘We are the only pro-peace government in the EU’ – PM Orbán speaks at massive pro-peace march in Budapest

The June 9 EU election will be a choice between war and peace, says Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Photo: MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd
By Dénes Albert
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During a pro-peace demonstration in Hungary that saw hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called for voters to turn out in support of pro-peace parties in the upcoming European Parliament and local elections.

“Hungarians have a simple choice: Vote for the pro-peace candidates of the ruling Fidesz party at the upcoming EU election or the warmongering candidates of the left,” Orbán said on Saturday at the peace march in Budapest, which also saw people gather from neighboring countries as well.

“We are the only pro-peace government in the EU. The Vatican is also on the side of peace, but it represents a kingdom that is not of this world – and in an apostate Europe, that alone will not be enough to put the brakes on the speeding pro-war train,” Orbán said.

Massive Crowds Gather During Hungary’s Pro-Peace March

“We need the weight and influence of pro-peace political forces. This is why today every vote for Fidesz-KDNP is doubly valuable: It increases the weight of the pro-peace forces in Europe, and it strengthens Hungary’s decision to stay out of the war. Let us speak plainly: Today, a vote for Fidesz-KDNP will save lives.”

He added that his party and his government need every vote in order to be able to successfully argue for peace at various EU forums.

“We can only stay out of the war if Hungarian voters throw their weight behind the government. No other political force can do this. And without the people, we cannot stand against such overwhelming forces. Our country can only stay out of the war if we win the biggest election victory in Europe.”

He added that leaving the decision to the voters and prime ministers of the left will inevitably lead to Hungary being dragged into a war it does not want.

Photo:  MTI/Czeglédi Zsolt

“We must face up to reality: If the Left wins, it will only be a matter of time before the war catches up with us. Those who support the war have placed themselves outside the bounds of common sense. Supporters of the war have become intoxicated. They want to defeat Russia, as was attempted in the First and Second World Wars,” he said.

Orbán also pointed out that the Hungarian left financed by George Soros is executing the billionaire’s own plan for Europe:

“The Hungarian left are in the pay of George Soros. He finances their media, and their electoral lists are full of his people. Anyone there who marches out of line will not be in line for their dollars. And the Hungarian left are willingly marching, even betraying their own pro-peace voters, just to get into power. But we on the national side have no intention of obeying the ‘Soros Plan’s’ generals in Brussels. Instead of obedience, let us send them off with a flea in their ear. Godspeed!”

He concluded his half-hour speech by mobilizing all of his party’s sympathizers to vote next Sunday for their candidates.

“God created the world in six days, and He decreed the seventh to be a day of rest. Unfortunately, we cannot rest on the seventh day. We have to put the pedal to the metal. There will only be victory if we all go out and vote. Only for peace! Only for Fidesz!

“God above us all, Hungary before all else! Go Hungary, go Hungarians!”

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