Who wants “yellow jackets” to riot on Polish streets?

A liberal MEP has threatened that the rise in electricity prices in Poland will lead to a “yellow jackets” movement in the country. Her view has been shot down in flames by a prominent ruling party MP.

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Inspired by the events unfolding in France the liberal Civic Platform MEP Róża Maria Barbara Grafin von Thun und Hohenstein (maiden name Woźniakowska), speaking on local Radio Kraków said:

“I’m curious to see if there is a hike in electricity prices in Poland whether ‘yellow jackets’ will appear on the streets”

The liberal MEP’s words were met with a withering put down by ruling Law and Justice MP prof. Krystyna Pawłowicz. She recalled how it was the previous liberal government’s agreement to implement the EU’s energy policy which the current government must now honor. 

“The rebellion is against you EU layabouts,” quipped prof. Pawłowicz in her Twitter feed. 


R.THUN:Electricity will be 70 percent more expensive. Are we going to wear yellow jackets or just meekly accept?
Stop lying woman, PL consent for the EU packet was signed in 2009 by the Civic Platform (PO). PiS has to implement this but will compensate for the rises. And the ‘yellow jackets’ rebellion is against you liberal EU layabouts. 

Poland’s energy minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski highlighted that Energy companies have allocated 1 billion PLN’s worth of savings for compensation for increased energy prices. 


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