Will Poland’s economy catch up with France’s? This author says it could happen this century

Author of “Prisoners of Geography” predicts that Poland could catch up with France this century

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Dziennik.pl/PAP

Poland’s economy could catch up with France’s during this century, said Tim Marshall, the author of “Prisoners of Geography”, during an interview with Polish Press Agency.

In his best-selling book, he explains how geography impacts the political map of Europe by limiting choices for world leaders.

He feels that factors like technological process, the arms race and the existence of cyberspace have not reduced the significance of geography. He argues that the internet and modern arms are tools which lead us to look at geography differently, but it still plays a central role.

Marshall accepts that politics and ideology are still important. But these should not be discussed without reference to geography as a determinant of behavior.


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