Young Hungarian chefs fight the world’s best

Young Hungarian chefs Ádám Pohner and Ádám Csillag are putting the finishing touches to their preparations for the biennial world chef competition in Lyon, France.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The Hungarian contestants for the Bocuse D’Or competition in Lyon are part of a new generation of chefs and despite their young age still managed to secure a place in the prestigious world competition.

While Hungarian chefs have yet to win a medal at the Bocuse D’Or, at the previous competition in 2017 Tamás Széll and Kevin Szabó placed a respectable 4th and won the jury’s special prize. The top three were the US, Norwegian and Icelandic teams.

The Bocuse D’Or – dubbed the Olympics of the culinary world – was established in 1983 and is held every year at the end of January at the SIRHA International hotel, catering and food exhibition.

Title image: Commis (junior chef) Ádám Csillag and chef Ádám Pohner (MTI/Zoltán Balogh)


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