Zeman: Kiska will not be our Shadow President

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Miloš Zeman has broken his silence over ignoring the commemoration of 1968. The Czech president believes that he is not affected by the historical events.

“Due to the anniversary those people should speak, who were affected by the invasion. If the so-called normalizational communists are talking, who were members of the Communist Party until 1989, we should also know they had to approve the soviet occupation. It is bizarre that now they are taking stance against it. This is the reason why I was not joining,” said Zeman.

He also pointed out that the crowd were cheering Milan Štěch, the president of the senate and the member of the party from 1978 to 1989, while Andrej Babiš and Radek Vondráček were booed because they were members of the ANO.

“Andrej Kiska is voluntarily ending his period in Slovak politics next year and that is not possible that he would be our shadow president. But he could be the shadow president of the TOP 09,” Zeman said.

Zeman is convinced that the Czech Republic is not threatened by occupation from Germany and even the Soviet Union, due to the fact that it fell apart and believes that the protesters before the Russian embassy were not recognizing this fact.

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