Zeman: State honors go to those fighting “economic fu**ers”

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Zeman said in an interview with Czech Radio that he considers the struggle against business fraud to be a link between Vitásková, Krúpa, and Lorencová, for which they deserve to be honored. However, the president used one of the strongest Czech expletives in the live interview to describe the “frauds”.

This was not the first time Zeman used vulgar language in the media; he has already described the meaning of “pussy”, referring to Pussy Riot in a live Czech Radio interview four years ago. Following that appearance, Czech Radio wanted to record his regular interview slots in advance, which Zeman refused.

Many Czech politicians have criticized Zeman for using such strong language. PM Babiš, who rarely questions the head of state, said he understands that Zeman became angry referring to businessmen Viktor Kožený and Zdeněk Bakala, but using vulgar language was inappropriate.

Zdeněk Bakala responded in a statement for the Czech News Agency, that “Miloš Zeman dangerously dishonors the office of the President of the Czech Republic with his crude expressions.”

ODS Chairman Petr Fiala described Zeman’s words as inappropriate and unacceptable. “Maybe it will not surprise us, but we cannot get used to it,” Fiala said on Twitter.

TOP 09 Chairman Jiří Pospíšil said that “the business activities of Zdeněk Bakala in the Czech Republic must be investigated, but calling him a business fraud is utterly inappropriate and disgraceful”.

MEP Tomáš Zdechovský said that Zeman does not deserve to be Czech president and considers the president´s words disgusting.

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