Zeman to veto same-sex marriage bill

Czech President Miloš Zeman considers whether to veto the same-sex marriage bill. Homosexuals are not capable of raising children and thus, they are unable to form a family, said Zeman. He also considers awarding the T. G. Masaryk medal to controversial priest Piťha.

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Zeman believes that the single most important aspect of a family is an upbringing. It is nothing against same-sex couples nor their sexual orientation, he added. The President discussed the bill during a private meeting with the Czech Primate, Cardinal Dominik Duka.

The two were also talking about a state award for the priest and former Education Minister Petr Piťha, who made the news last year with his sermon, in which he denounced the Istanbul Convention. Piťha was decorated with a state award in 2011, when he received the Medal of Merit from then-President Václav Klaus. It took courage to stand up against the Convention and its adoption, said Zeman about his sermon.

During a TV show called A week with the President, Zeman commented on other matters as well. Regarding a currently debated taxation of the Church restitutions, Zeman revealed that many mayors have been expressing discontent about the Church to him, for demanding properties despite its original promise not to.

On the issue of the Huawei case, Zeman warned that the Czech Republic may expect retaliatory measures from China and that allegations made by the directors of the Czech National Cyber Security Center and Security Information Service harmed their country’s economic interests.


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