Brussels is burning as the West’s liberalism comes back to haunt it

Police cars drive through a main boulevard in Brussels, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, as violence broke out during and after Morocco's 2-0 win over Belgium at the World Cup. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)
By Dénes Albert
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Sunday night was a night of celebration, bonfires, fun, and laughter in Belgian cities, but in some places, the revelry turned into full-scale riots.

It wasn’t Advent candles, but cars, dustbins, and shops that were lit up by enthusiastic New Belgians. They are Moroccans, in fact, and so it was with little restraint that they celebrated Morocco’s 2-0 victory over Belgium in the World Cup in Qatar.

Downtown Brussels, for example, has been smashed up, but the European Parliament building has been left alone, so this very important institution is still in operation and can continue to spin its wheels against us.

The horde attacked the police, looted, smashed, and destroyed. The perpetrators even pelted an ambulance with stones. An ambulance, I repeat.

The police station in Liege Droixhe was attacked at around 6:10 p.m. by 50 people waving Moroccan flags, smashing windows, and vandalizing police cars. In Borgerhout, a man climbed onto the balcony of a house and tore down a Belgian flag. Presumably this was his way of expressing gratitude for being welcomed.

The Belgian correspondents are flabbergasted. They don’t understand why the celebrations turned into a frenzy. However, it’s become a popular tradition there, at least since they unleashed the surplus population of the third world on themselves. The same happened in November 2017 when the crowd, also “celebrating” a football victory in Morocco, let off steam. Twenty-two police officers were injured. I suppose they were punished in an exemplary manner — the uniformed officers, that is — for violating the human rights of the poor “refugees.”

The Belgians and our Western “friends” in general understand almost nothing anymore. Nor do they understand the terrorist attacks. It was in vain that Viktor Orbán patiently explained to Guy Verhofstadt and his ilk that terrorists were arriving with illegal migrants, that they should not be allowed in, that help should be taken to where the trouble is, not brought here. They did not listen. Instead, they have slandered us Hungarians, put us on the defensive, and have been lecturing us on being Europeans and abiding by the rule of law ever since.

The money owed to us is now being given to Ukraine, and they continue to demand that we should be inundated with people who are a public menace even when they are happy, let alone when they are angry; and the fact is, they are mostly angry.

It’s okay if the West wants to commit suicide, they should just do it within their own four walls and leave us out of it.

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