Morawiecki’s Third Way shakes up Polish politics

Morawiecki's new cabinet program was presented in parliament.

Poland takes first step towards terminating Russian gas contract

Poland on the road to energy independence.

Poles have Western cars, but Eastern mentality

Road death toll in Poland among the highest in the EU.

The legend of Wałęsa is dead

Pathetic: Wałęsa in the US Congress - 30 years on.

Eugenic abortion is a major topic for Poland's new parliament

Archbishop Gądecki: Next year hundreds of children will be killed.

China's new world order threat

It is not only about 5G networks.

Donald Tusk is the reason Smolensk plane wreckage is in Russian hands

Where is the wreckage? Exactly where Tusk left it. In Russia’s claws.

PiS will not change its course

Polish cabinet reshuffle after October parliamentary election.

Liberals' big problem with Independence Day

Tens of thousands of Poles took part in the Independence March in Warsaw.

European migration policy at a crossroads

Migration policy tops the agenda in several EU countries.

Remembering Nobel Laureate Imre Kertész

His refurbished gravesite unveiled in the National Cemetery

Nord Stream 2: symbol of a marginalized Central Europe

Russia is getting its way with Nord Stream 2.

Macron is stealing Europe from Merkel

Macron sees his chance to seize Europe.

Liberal meltdown: US visa-free travel and Tusk 'betrayal' spells misery for establishment

It has been a good week for the united right's government in Poland.

Commentary: Hungary is practicing smart diplomacy in talks with Erdoğan

The alternative to discussions is shooting.