Will the military take power in a disintegrating West hostile to its own people?

The military take their oath seriously and will always defend their nations

Bad news on the horizon for Poland's opposition Civic Platform party

The Civic Platform believes that a beneficial rebound in election mood will occur in the upcoming weeks, but the question is: What could possibly lead to this rebound?

German firms want to keep investing in Hungary: opinion

Germany is Hungary's single most important economic partner

The long conflict over Poland's judicial reform risks the United Right’s credibility

Does the Untied Right and Ministry of Justice have a plan to act against the Polish judicial caste being used as a tool by foreign powers?

Could the Green Party crash the German airline industry?

The German Green chancellor candidate’s revolutionary proposals will put her party in direct conflict with German airlines, writes political commentator Jan Rokita

Hungarian industrial growth highest in EU in March

Hungary's industrial production showed the fastest growth in the European Union in March, László György, state minister at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, writes in an article on news portal Mandiner.

Opinion: The private war between head of Poland's Supreme Audit Office and PiS

The head of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) is using a state institution to carry out his personal feuds with his former party, writes senior columnist Jerzy Jachowicz

The latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict may help Netanyahu stay in power

The Biden administration will not be as fully supportive of Israel’s actions as Donald Trump had been, writes the head of Rzeczpospolita daily foreign desk, Jerzy Haszczyński

NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan may cause turmoil in Central Asia

Central Asia may become a new area of struggle for influence between the region’s powers, writes foreign affairs columnist of portal wpolityce.pl Marek Budzisz

Is there a secret society of Masons in Italy appointing powerful judges?

New doubts arise on functioning of democracy in Italy after new scandal involving the judiciary, writes Olivier Bault for Remix News

Opinion: Putin is pushing Biden into Duda’s arms

Joe Biden’s presence at the Bucharest Nine summit was a step forward in thawing Polish-American relations, writes Jędrzej Bielecki for Rzeczpospolita daily

We have a year to decide Europe's common future

Europe should be governed by subsidiarity and common sense

The Polish PM's policy: Putting the common good of EU citizens over interests of transnational companies

The largest social policy changes in the EU were carried out by conservative governments in Poland and Hungary, writes columnist Michał Karnowski

The left is coming for your house

The middle-class would be affected by the taxes the most

Opinion: Both Law and Justice and Poland no longer need the Civic Platform

The results of the vote on the EU Recovery Fund proved that Polish Parliament and Poland itself can win without the Civic Platform, writes Krzysztof Wołodźko