Morawiecki media law US Biden Antony Blinken Mateusz Morawiecki media law restitution law US News Poland

Morawiecki responds to Blinken: Media law is not aimed at any particular television station

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that he was “deeply troubled” due to Polish parliament passing an amendment to the so-called media law and completing parliamentary work on the amendment to the administrative procedure codex (KPA). He declared that “these pieces of legislation run counter to the principles and values for which modern, democratic […]
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Poland US Restitution law Andrzej Duda Holocaust Jakub Kumoch resititution law US US Congress News Poland

Polish presidential minister responds to US senators’ letter to president Duda concerning restitution law amendment

“President Duda’s possible signing of the bill will be guided by the highest interest of the Republic of Poland and its citizens in mind,” said Minister Jakub Kumoch

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Belarus humanitarian visas Krystsina Tsimanouskaya Tokyo 2020 Olympics News Poland

“My grandmother called me and said, ‘Do not return to Belarus!'”- Krystsina Tsimanouskaya on her dramatic survival in Tokyo

The Belarusian athlete arrived safely in Warsaw, where she gave an insightful interview for Polish public television TVP, in which she recounted the recent difficult events in her life

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Poland Germany relations Angela Merkel Armin Laschet CDU Germany Law and Justice PiS Commentary Poland

Opinion: German chancellor candidate is aware of Poland’s value to Germany

Politician Armin Laschet defends Germany’s interests – even at the cost of fundamental values – but also appreciates Poland’s relevance, writes foreign columnist of “Rzeczpospolita” daily Jędrzej Bielecki

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Krystsina Tsimanouskaya Belarus Japan Krystsina Tsimanouskaya Political repressions Tokyo 2020 Olympics News Poland

Belarussian athlete who refused to fly home from Tokyo granted Polish visa

Due to criticizing her coaching staff, Krystsina Tsimanouskaya was removed from her country’s national team at the Tokyo Olympics and was to be forcibly returned home by Belarusian authorities

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CJEU European Commission Genowefa Grabowska Polish judiciary reforms News Poland

Poland has a right and responsibility to care for its own interests – commentary

The conflict between the European Commission and Poland over the judiciary has stopped being a legal conflict and became a political one instead, argues former MEP and professor of international law Genowefa Grabowska

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energy blackmail Germany Nord Stream 2 Russia US Witold Waszczykowski News Poland

Poland should receive compensation for NS2 in the area of security, says former Polish FM

Russia will use Nord Stream 2 not only for energy blackmail but also to increase Baltic military presence under the pretext of protecting gas installations, warns former FM Witold Waszczykowski

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Disciplinary chamber European Commission Judiciary reforms ultimatum Vera Jourova News Poland

European Commission gives Poland ultimatum over Disciplinary Chamber

The European Commission warned Warsaw that if it did not comply with the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruling by August 16, the commission could request the imposition of financial sanctions

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catholicism Christanity Pope Francis Religion Tridente Mass Commentary Poland

Opinion: Pope Francis’s restriction on Tridentine Mass is an example of unilateral diversity

The Pope’s decision to heavily restrict the old Latin Mass is an error on many levels related to the deep modernization of the Church, not a true process of diversification, writes Catholic columnist Tomasz Terlikowski

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CJEU Court of Justice of the European Union LGBT free zones Rule-of-law Commentary Poland

The European Commission’s actions are a clear attack against Poland’s sovereignty, says influential Polish journalist

LGBT rights will be the main tool through which the European Commission will try to interfere with Polish legislation, warns Paweł Lisicki, editor in chief of Polish conservative weekly Do Reczy

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Cybersecurity Ghostwriter hacker's attack Michal Dworczyk Telegram News Poland

“Telegram” removes leaks originating from cyberattack against Poland

Two channels were removed from the Russian messaging application “Telegram” which had been uploading content from Polish PM Chancellery head Michał Dworczyk’s private mailbox for over a month

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CJEU Mateusz Morawiecki Polish judiciary reforms Ursula von der Leyen Commentary Poland

Opinion: Attacks against Poland are profitable for some influential groups and states

The Polish state, its system, elites and society are undergoing a fundamental test on whether they can and want to defend their independence, writes columnist Michał Karnowski

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Civic Platform Donald Tusk Law and Justice Szymon Hołownia Commentary Poland

What has Donald Tusk’s return to Polish politics changed?

Civic Platform’s opposition competitors have not changed their strategy and Law and Justice continues to bet on the promotion of the Polish Deal, writes political columnist of ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily Michał Kolanko

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