18 men running in Mexican elections as women shows the absurdity of global gender ideology

In Mexico, the actual state of one’s gender doesn’t matter, as long as they put forward an official declaration which cannot be legally put into question, writes Grzegorz Górny

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author: Grzegorz Górny

The mainstream media likes to ignore the increasingly frequent events which reveal the absurdity of gender ideology. This is why no one in Poland mentioned the situation which took place during the recent elections in Mexico. In the state of Tlaxcala, 18 politicians starting from the lists of the center-left Fuerza Por Mexico party registered as women despite being men.

This happened due to the quota system present in Mexico, which requires all political groups to put forward a certain index of women in elections. Based on this, the election commission rejected Fuerza Por Mexico’s registration in Tlaxcala and ordered the removal of 18 activists and their replacement by women.

Instead of stepping down, the 18 politicians ran in the elections by registering as women. The actual state of someone’s gender is not important to the commission and “the declaration of a candidate that he is the women cannot be legally put into question”.

Interestingly, the surnames of the 18 candidates were not revealed to public opinion because information on genders is reserved for the election commission. This is why we do not even know what results these politicians achieved.

Men are participating in women’s sports on these same rules and abusing their natural physical advantages. Based on these same rules, men are using women’s changing rooms, restrooms and saunas. Based on these same rules, rapists are serving their sentences in prisons for women. All one needs is a declaration which has nothing in common with reality but “cannot be legally put into question”.

Why cannot it be questioned?

Because it is a dogma, and dogmas cannot be contested. They can only be believed in. This is why we must believe the declaration of these men in Mexico..

In the end, there is faith among those who believe such lie

Title image: Member of ruling Morena party Evelyn Salgado celebrates with supporters after being elected Governor of Guerrero State at Zocalo square in Chilpancingo, Mexico, Monday, June 7, 2021, AP Images.


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