German paratroopers partake in 75th Anniversary of Battle of Arnhem

Germany is altering the world’s consciousness concerning certain events from the Second World War to place blame on the “Nazis” and not “Germans”, writes Tomasz Łysiak.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Tomasz Łysiak

It is inappropriate that during the commemoration of the airdrops during the 1944 Battle of Arnhem, which is so important to Poles amongst others, Germans should participate in the commemorative parachute jumps.

Seemingly small and irrelevant actions can in fact contribute to far-reaching changes. That’s how it is with historical politics. Germany is making such changes in the international consciousness through several small, seemingly unimportant moves.

The effect is that many people have started to believe that the German nation is in no way responsible for the Second World War, which was provoked by some “Nazis”. An Italian travel guide had once written, that Lombardy had been attacked by multiple peoples throughout history – “Longobards, Huns and Nazis.”


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