Aggressive Muslims are under protection

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Political analyst and university lecturer Alexander Tomský criticized the approach to Islamic migrants as well as today’s so-called neo-Marxists, in which he sees one of the greatest dangers for Western civilization.

According to Tomský, the problem is not immigration (to a certain extent), but the arrival of people who believe that their sectarian puritan and patriarchal habits are superior to our democracy and way of life.

This has strong political consequences. They have already induced censorship and punishments for disagreement. The tragic human victims of Islamist assassinations are in this context a marginal affair; terrorism does not defeat the West.

Today’s neo-Marxists (though this term is inaccurate) advocate the egalitarianism of bizarre sexual groups, ethnic minorities, and the style of their lives. They believe in the united humanity of abstract rights, mixed society without borders, without any difference in cultures. In their anti-discrimination efforts, Tomský sees hatred of the majority or normative civilization of the West (or what has left of it).

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