Babis appoints new European Secretary

Prime Minister Andrej Babis has appointed Milena Hrdinkova as the Secretary of State for European Affairs. She replaces Ales Chmelar, who left this key post at the Office of the Government two months ago.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Hrdinkova has experience from the Finance Ministry, where she was in charge of the Minister’s office until last November and helped Babis push through the reverse charge in Brussels. The measure that shifts liability for final VAT payments to the government budget from the vendor to the customer has been one of Babis’s main topics on his European agenda.

As put by Hrdinkova, her main responsibility is to secure a perfect service for the PM in his position as the highest representative of the Czech Republic in the EU and a member of the European Council. A rumor has it that she was the one to replace Chmelar for quite some time, but allegedly Finance Minister Schillerova wasn’t in favor of her nomination. Hrdinkova won the selection procedure, because the other candidate didn’t meet the requirements for the position.

It is necessary to build healthy and productive relationships with our counterparts from other EU member states and institutions, but at the same time, we must cooperate with other resorts on an overlapping agenda so that the Czech stance will always be coherent, Hrdinkova told the press.


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