Belgian Professor: German media are trying to “help Poles make the right” choice in elections

German news outlets are swaying opinion

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: TVP Info/PAP

Belgian historian and professor, David Engels admitted that ever since he moved to Poland, he has been shocked when comparing Western media information about Poland to what is actually happening to the country.

He told Polish Press Agency (PAP) that it was clear how one-sidedly German media portray the situation in Poland.

Engels explained that each day German papers and TV stations present one-sided reports in which left-liberal politicians are shown as cosmopolitan heroes who are trying to save Poland from economic ruin, priests-pedophiles, intolerant homo and islamophobes and autocratic ministers.

He added that the “proper course” suggested by German media is based on mass migration, introducing sexual “variety” on the level of schools, submission to the Brussels technocracy, replacing the Christian values of the Polish nation with multi-cultural relativism, censoring any media opposed to political correctness, distancing from Trump’s USA and submission of national interests to “European neighbors” (German economy).


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