Civic coalition and its allies move to the left

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Equality, women’s rights, social sensitivity, egalitarianism – these were the slogans of KO’s Saturday party convention.

Schetyna presented what is called the “six-pack”. Much like Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s program, it is a series of reforms concerning local governments. They include the “school of equal chances” which foresees free public transport for school children, a program with benefits for the elderly, plans to combat pollution, the completion of construction of outdoor sport centers and increase in the power of marshal offices at the cost of voivodes’.

KO also gained a new ally in the form of Barbara Nowacka and her leftist Poland Initiative group. As a result the Initiative broke apart.

PiS: calm reaction

KO did not forget to refer to Law and Justice (PiS) during its convention. They warned that PiS is Putin’s lobbyist in Europe. Schetyna emphasised that the upcoming elections are the “four battles” which will determine whether Poles want to live in Western or Eastern Europe.

KO has many plans to meet voters throughout the country, but unlike Morawiecki, Schetyna did not get on a party campaign bus to start campaigning right after his convention.

PiS’s politicians have reacted calmly to KO’s convention. They underlined that the Civic Platform’s (PO) declarations are “empty promises” and reminded of PO declarations between 2007 and 2015.

The leader of the peasant party (PSL) also commented on KO’s convention. “Where some go to the Left and others to the Right, we remain in the Center,” said Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz. He also referred to the recent political attacks of PiS on PSL – “PM Morawiecki is a liar.”

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