Civic Platform’s promises always turn out to be the opposite

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When Civic Platform promises something, they always do the opposite. Blogger Dominik Ognisty highlighted a few examples of those promises from 2007 as well as their eventual outcomes:

– Tax cuts. In the end, not only did PO not lower taxes, they raised them instead.

– Poland’s economic “return to the sea.” Meanwhile, the Supreme Audit Office (NiK) informed that during Donald Tusk’s government, Polish ports became obsolete. 

– Allowing parents to decide how their children will be taught. In reality, the PO government made school mandatory for six-year olds, despite protests from parents.

Many supporters of PO are connected by one thing – their hatred for PiS

Today, Grzegorz Schetyna (the leader of PO) promises a safe and free Poland. If PO wins, Poland can be expected to become a police state (the aperitif of this was when during PO’s government undercover police officers attacked people partaking in Independence Day marches).

When it comes to promised prosperity, PO let VAT thieves prosper. PiS gave the poor equal chances through their social benefit programs as well as denying wealth to criminals. PO doesn’t like this and wants a different kind of prosperity.

Many supporters of PO are connected by one thing – their hatred for PiS. They’re like rowdy football fans – when their team is losing, the opposing one should be spat on and beaten up. They don’t care about what Schetyna says. What’s important is for the PO leaders to “stick it up” to PiS. PO politicians are aware of this and try to antagonize everything that is connected to PiS.

As long as there won’t be a democratic opposition in Poland, one which will respect the will of the people and the rights of minorities, Poles should broaden their economic, political and social freedoms. Poles should create a democracy which won’t be destroyed by PO as they had during their eight years of government.

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