Croatia moves to protect children from pedophilia and LGBT propaganda

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The Croatian political scene suffered a massive shock when one of the most renowned opposition MPs, Nikola Grmoja, announced that he will propose a set of bills meant to protect children from pedophilia and LGBT ideology indoctrination.

Grmoja, who is the deputy leader of the “Most” party, presented his idea openly in Croatian media. When he was asked to comment on the recent harsh reaction of the EU towards the Hungarian child protection law, meant to protect children from both pedophilia and ideology which leads to premature sexualization, Grmoja responded that he supports the protection of children.

He added that he will soon propose a similar bill in Croatian parliament.

In subsequent days, Grmoja has faced attacks from the majority of mainstream Croatian media. They incessantly repeat that Grmoja “equated pedophilia with LGBT”. The politician responded to the attacks, stating that they were untrue and a dishonest interpretation of his words.

“Pedophilia is the most shameful crime one can commit, as it destroys a young human being. Of course, in this context we cannot compare it to attraction to the same gender. When we speak of adult homosexuals, we speak of consensual relationships and that has nothing to do with the crime of pedophilia,” he said in an interview for

He added that it was impossible, however, to not question a certain negative influence of LGBT ideology on children.