Czech President Zeman supports another state of emergency extension and promises to get vaccinated

“Those who refuse state of emergency are political hyenas,” said Zeman

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author: Czech News Agency

President Miloš Zeman supports the extension of the state of emergency and is in favor of even stricter restrictions against the coronavirus as another increase in cases hits Czechia. In an interview with CNN Prima News, Zeman said that he would get vaccinated as, according to him, the vaccine is the only way out of the crisis.
Most government anti-coronavirus restrictions are tied to the state of emergency, and Zeman said they are necessary to stop the spread of the virus.
“If you cancel the state of emergency, you will not be able to do anything, and the curve of the infections — and especially the number of dead — will quickly rise again,” he said.
“I consider those who refuse to extend the state of emergency to be political hyenas,” he said. According to him, they will consciously sentence hundreds, maybe thousands of people to death.
“Just to increase their popularity with some of the living before the election,” he added, saying he did not feel compassion for the signs of disobedience to restrictions to limit the spread of the disease.
Zeman reiterated his support for strict measures.
“I know it’s unpopular, but on the other hand it’s useful,” he said. In connection with political attitudes to restrictions, he pointed to the upcoming parliamentary elections, which will be held in less than a year.
“Every politician from the left and the right will look in the eyes of the public for consent to these steps, and such consent means, for example, open pubs,” the president said.
Zeman believes that the “PES“ anti-epidemic system, which includes five risk zones with associated restrictions and bans, has been developed with the tacit assumption that the epidemic situation will improve.
However, he said the situation has worsened and the authors of the system are aware that they would encounter public opposition in the transition to the fifth and highest level of risk.
“It takes courage and sometimes to disagree with the public,” he added.
Zeman will be vaccinated as he considers the vaccine to be a way out of the crisis
According to Zeman, the vaccine is probably the only way out of the coronavirus crisis. He intends to get vaccinated, although not in front of television cameras. He thanked the government for its progress in the fight against the disease, although, he had dozens of reservations about confusion caused by the representatives.
“The vaccine is most likely the light at the end of the tunnel. And if the vaccine starts working over next year, we will be out of the worst,” the president said. During his vaccination, he will not do “any clown show with TV cameras”.
“When people find out that the president has been vaccinated, this information is important,” Zeman said.
In addition, Zeman called for a sensible marketing campaign to promote vaccination.
He believes that the main reason for the Czech Republic’s delay in preparing for the vaccination of people is the frequent replacement of health ministers, when Adam Vojtěch, Roman Prymula, and Jan Blatný took turns in this position in a short time.
“The slip can be caught up. There is no problem with the vaccine, the problem is with the vaccination centers. I think they are not ready yet, and it is a mistake,” the president said.
While thanking the government, paramedics, soldiers, firefighters, and police, he again strongly condemned those “just barking and criticizing.” He included the opposition, some media outlets, and people who express hate speech on social networks.
Zeman still had a brace on his injured arm during an interview pre-recorded on Saturday at the Lány chateau. The president broke his arm at the end of August and had to undergo surgery at the Central Military Hospital. He said that he would undergo another X-ray examination on Monday and hoped that he would be able to remove the brace soon.
Title image: President Miloš Zeman during an interview with CNN Prima News.


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