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Desperate move by European Commission over Polish judiciary reforms

The European Commission (EC) has referred Poland to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) over judiciary reforms. The Conservative side of the Polish twitter sphere is outraged by these developments.

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Brussels has demanded an expedited procedure and wants the laws forcing Polish Supreme Court (SN) judges into early retirement to be abolished. The European Commission has also requested that Poland’s judiciary system be returned to the one before Law and Justice’s (PiS) recent reforms.

PiS EMP Tomasz Poręba criticized on twitter the works of the European Commission as solely supporting the Polish opposition:

“The European Commision has finally confirmed that the main objective of its actions in Poland is giving life support to the opposition. Contrary to the regulations of treaties, sovereign nations right to decide about their judiciary and common sense. Zero illusions.”


The European Commision has finally confirmed that the main objective of its actions in Poland is giving life support to the opposition

Journalist Wojciech Biedroń calls the actions of the EC frustrated and helpless:

“By referring Poland to the ECJ The European Commission, has lost its struggle with the Polish government. This is an act of incredibly frustration and helplessness. This is also an act of capitulation. Nothing depends on them anymore and no one cares about them. The EC elites have squandered their trust and position in three years.”


Some internauts have decided to mock the Polish opposition by posting photoshopped pictures of the infamous “KONSTYTUCJA” (Constitution) t-shirts with “Decommunization” written on them:


Of course, opposition politicians have a different opinion. Rafał Trzaskowski, the Civic Platform’s candidate for Mayor of Warsaw calls out his PiS opponent to retreat from his party’s judiciary reforms:

“The European Commission has lost its patience for PM Morawiecki’s dodging. I call the PiS candidate and deputy minister of justice to withdraw from these judiciary changes, which are against the Constitution. NO reaction will truly mean they want to remove Poland from the EU. How much will Warsaw lose because of this?”