“European coalition” of political dinosaurs

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“I believe that the European Coalition is a continuation of the same socio-technical trick, which was made up a few months ago under the guise of “Polexit”,” Waszczykowski told wPolityce.pl. He argued that the opposition is trying to convince Poles to “create barriers which are meant to stop it [an anti-European government].”

Politicians who have signed the “European Coalition declaration” are, among others, chairman of the Democratic Left Alliance Leszek Miller, former PM Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, Former PM Ewa Kopacz and former Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski.

Waszczykowski argued that the opposition is not looking for new solutions. Instead “there are only former politicians who have many embarrassments on their accounts. We all know about those tapes and other accidents, etc.”.

There are only former politicians who have many embarrassments on their accounts

What will Tusk do?

Waszczykowski drew comparisons to a past liberal party, much like PO, the Freedom Union. “Once the Freedom Union tried to forge an alliance with the post-communist politicians. Here Schetyna [PO’s chairman] is walking into the same rut. (…) I understand that if Jaruzelski [Communist leader who installed martial law in Poland] were still alive he would also be a part of the European Coalition and presented as a European and anti-PiS politician?” 

The former foreign minister also claimed that he is curious as to Donald Tusk’s reaction to this new creation. “Will he bless it? Or will he, as he often does, travel to the Dolomites and observe for a few weeks. Depending on what he observes, he will either join it or ignore it.”

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