Former Czech Prime Minister to start his own talk show

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According to Topolánek, the preparations for his new talk show are in full swing, and the pilot has already been finished. “It is not a classic discussion or political format. In the Czech media, I miss a soft discussion on serious topics; my show will be more about people than politics,” the former PM explained.

Topolánek recently announced his departure from the management of the Heating Plants Association, a lobbying association that includes Křetínský´s Czech power plants Opatovice, where he worked for seven years.

He explained the departure by saying that “it is time for new challenges”. Another attempt to return to politics, for example through this year’s European Parliament elections, in which Czech energetics need to have strong and influential advocates, could have been expected. Topolánek, however, claims that after last year’s experience with the presidential candidacy, he does not want to try politics anymore.

Topolánek continues to work in Křetínský´s holding EPH, which owns heating plants, power plants and mines all over Europe. The question is how long he will stay in the EPH. According to Seznam sources, it has been difficult to accept such an unconventional former PM, openly opposed to European climate policy, and a social media provocateur, for Křetínský´s foreign partners from Australian bank Macquarie.

That explains why Topolánek, at the age of 63, heads to a completely new profession. His originality, flippancy, directness, and knowledge of the backstage of Czech society can be more beneficial in the role of a talk show host than in political lobbying.

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