Frozen liberal democrats

editor: REMIX NEWS

Even though Czech liberal democrats like to think we belong to the West, they don’t live there yet. They’re frozen halfway and haven’t entered the real West at all.

If they did, they would experience its faith along with it, instead of looking at it from a distance through rose-tinted glasses. Also, they wouldn’t be constantly checking a rear-view mirror to see what the East is doing. They are obsessed with the East so much, that one starts to think they miss it.

They are afraid to come to the reality of the West because they unconsciously feel that there is something wrong in a dream they had been dreaming. They could not fail to notice the same ideology that devastated the East and now in another form threatens to destroy the West.

They consider this ideology being more dangerous, stealing their beloved terminology, and falsely calling it liberal and democratic. They would also feel that this threat was present, as the Anglo-Saxon defensive terminology says, “clear and present danger.”

Ignorance is not simple, uninformed, but an intentional and passionate resistance to information. To verify awareness (or ignorance), let’s take a small poll:

In what country arrested in less than five hours, convicted without a lawyer, and jailed a person reporting on violent gangsters trapping thousands of underage girls whose fate had been kept secret for twenty years by the authorities who knew him?

In which country was a father accused of racism while protesting against school homework urging the pupils to describe “why do I convert to Islam”?

In what country is currently the most popular party in the highest places dominated by anti-Semitic politicians to the point that 45 of its members are the target of a police investigation?

In what country did the Muslim mayor of the capital prohibit ads for women’s lingerie and swimsuits, or depicting uncovered women?

Was it in a Western country or in an Eastern country? Take a guess.


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