Gender is no fun. How can we talk without offending anyone?

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Recently, the Chamber of Deputies held a debate about how to translate and interpret the expression “gender”. Apparently, everyone, whether politicians or citizens, should be clear about this. Everyone knows that gender is not biological sex, but a social role, and that its interpretation so far has been humiliating, heteropatriarchal, heteronormative and generally discriminatory.

If anyone says that deciding on ways of expression in a democracy is a competence of institutions and the majority, which have the mandate to do so, they will be seen as backward or reactionary.

Obviously, people and group identities are not divided according to biological sex but according to whether they are privileged or marginalized. The bonus for being marginalized is more important than the extent to which they are a part of the majority or a minority by number. It depends on how they feel, and who they feel they are. It is necessary to perceive and promote gender this way, regardless of what politicians think.

That’s not really the way it works, of course. In a country like the Czech Republic, there are no such ideological extravagances similar to those coming from America or Western Europe. But it can end like everything that comes to civilize us. Then what is usually considered exaggeration can become a front-line reality as for example in Canada, where Twitter banned journalist and feminist Megan Murphy’s account for refusing to use politically correct personal pronouns to address a transsexual named Lisa Kreut. Well, transphobia is no fun. We will see what happens in the Czech Republic.

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