I support Czexit, the EU is risky for us

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Ladislav Jakl, Secretary of the ex-President Václav Klaus, criticized bureaucracy in the EU and also explained why he had decided to be a Senate candidate for the far-right SPD.

If he succeeds in the election, he intends to vote in the Senate against all specific implementations from Brussels bringing new orders and prohibitions and against similar Czech-made proposals, as well as against any concessions on immigration. He would support, for example, the exit of the Czech Republic from the European Union, as he sees the country’s membership as more and more risky.

Jakl sees SPD as the only functioning party that consistently protests against Brussels centralization and organized mass migration. “SPD does not ask me to change in any way and adopt all its policy. It wants support in the two main points that I fully agree with,” Jakl explained.

“My relationship to the far right? I am the far right. If the left promotes a high degree of redistribution and prefers collective decision-making, while the right is individualistic, defends the freedom of the individual and fights against the expansion of the state, then I am definitely the right-wing extremist,“ Jakl explained his attitudes towards the extreme right.

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