Islamic organization suggests love for Jews to fight Islamophobia

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At a conference during the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London, one of the debates was on the issue of Islamophobia in Europe. As was said there, a way how to face Islamophobia in Europe is to fight against Philo-Semitism – a love for Jews and Judaism – among Europeans.

One of the speakers at the conference titled ‘Islamophobia and Silencing Criticism of Israel’ was French-Algerian activist Houria Bouteldja. She condemned Philo-Semitism, saying that Muslims cannot understand Islamophobia and state racism unless they understand Philo-Semitism, which she believes is a form of racism and a kind of brother of Islamophobia and negro-phobia.

Bouteldja also offered a solution. According to her speech, Muslims must criticize radical Islamophobia and Philo-Semitism, which she called the two faces of state racism. Her answer is to fight against Islamophobia and Philo-Semitism so that Muslims will become more resistant to racism and Zionism. 

Bouteldja was born in Algeria but lives in France. She is a spokesperson of the political movement Indigènes de la République which represents non-European immigrants and their children against the white French. Additionally, she wrote a book in which she called for a fight against the white supremacy in Europe. She often takes anti-Semitic stances and supports the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

The IHRC has consultative status with the UN ECOSOC. It focuses on activities tackling Islamophobia and supporting anti-racism. Moreover, it is actively lobbying for a boycott of Israel. The organization has been criticized for its tolerant attitude towards Islamist regimes and ties with Islamist activist.

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