Kaczyński to join Polish government

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Perhaps the conflict within the United Right was not only an unavoidable one, but also a needed one. A kind of cleansing after a series of victories ahead of three years without elections.

It helped confirm or re-establish hierarchies and agreements on the mechanisms of operation. Most importantly, and everything points to this, the United Right has survived and might come out stronger from this conflict.

The conflict began in May, when Jarosław Gowin’s Agreement opposed correspondence voting. Now there was a battle on a different front: from the side of United Poland.

This coalition partner came out from this struggle much better than its counterpart in May, as it has maintained its structural integrity.

The entire coalition is leaving this period of upheavals convinced that no other majority can be found in the Polish parliament. Moreover, it is aware that Jarosław Kaczyński will not accept a political camp which is losing its cohesion, and which has to negotiate everything.